Links to Important Classroom Documents


Homework List, Grade 4/5E


Check this daily updated list of homework assignments to see what assignments are due.



Homework and Tasks



Class Welcome Letter, Grade 4/5E


Contains info about courses, teachers, and general expectations.


 Welcome Letter



Expectations and Discipline Steps, Grade 4/5E


Powerpoint detailing expectations for behavior as well as discipline steps.


Classroom Rules



Weekly Schedule


Shows students' classes, instructors, and room locations.


Weekly Schedule



About the Teacher

Hello! Guten Tag! Bonjour! 


My name is Benjamin Schupay and I am the homeroom teacher for Room 208; Grade 4/5E. I am the teacher for English, math, biology, history, and geography.


A wish to extend a warm welcome back to our families who are returning again this year for grade six. I look forward to another exciting year where we can push what our students know and help them explore new topics, such as French.


I have taught in various capacties from high school to preschool, and have taught in English, German, and French. I completed my college training at the University of Pittsburgh, from which I hold three degrees: German, French, and Education. 




I can be contacted via email at: